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Travel Escapes Skinny Dip – Running Wild in the Tropics

One would be surprised how many travelers are inspired to do things on their vacations that they may not be able to do back at home. Whether it’s going to a nude beach, eating cuisine otherwise considered taboo in Western cultures, or swimming in clothing-optional public areas, there’s no reason to be embarrassed about speaking to an experienced trip planner with Travel Escapes, or a travel agent, about your Travel Escapes skinny dip interests. No matter how weird or exotic your interest is, a good travel agent is not going to judge you, and will also provide plenty of ways to accommodate your exact needs by finding specific locations that are compatible with your wishes.

Locations like Bora Bora, Tahiti provide many opportunities to ‘let it all loose’. These islands provide combinations of remoteness and tourist resources, as well as specialty locations for all kinds of crazy activities. While it’s not hard to find fellow Western travelers among the sights and sounds of these islands, there are plenty of opportunities to find little niche pools, beaches, and areas to explore. Travel Escapes skinny dip locations could include any number of places where people are generally not looking. Of course, just be careful not to get into trouble. You can minimize the risk of an embarrassing encounter with authorities by finding locations where nude swimming is not only allowed, but also encouraged. Ask your travel agent about the exact places to go.

These types of adventures are sometimes a perfect opportunity for couples that want to enjoy a level of freedom that they wouldn’t otherwise enjoy in the confines of their apartment of suburban neighborhood. It’s a common fantasy among couples to enter a type of atmosphere where previous restrictions are released. Travel Escapes’ skinny dip locations could be a perfect way to explore these fantasies together. When you arrive in a place like Tahiti, you can also ask hotel staff and locals about areas around your island where you can ‘run free’.

Travel Escapes’ skinny dip spots are not necessarily endorsed, and an adventurous traveler should be ready to have to explain themselves before the bikinis and swim-trunks are taken off in case they are approached by angry hotel staff or park officials. But, with some research, you should be able to locate that perfect waterfall or tropical paradise location where you can allow your fantasies to run wild and free. Just don’t forget to bring some insect repellant with you!

Singles Cruises

Escorted vs Non Escorted for Singles – Which Option is Best for You?

There is nothing quite like the experience of cruising the high seas in a luxury liner. It can be likened to staying in a five star hotel that floats! Only a cruise has that something extra – it is on the open ocean with tropical breezes blowing, clear star-filled nights and stunning sunrises and sunsets. If you would like to partake of this amazing adventure you can step aboard on your own.

A travel companion is not necessary. Your question might be whether the cruise should be escorted vs non escorted for singles. There are several factors to consider and the answer to the question remains with your individual needs and comfort level.

Voyages that are escorted vs non escorted for singles have several things in common. Both types provide all the same amenities on the ship. These include world-class cuisine, entertainment by known celebrities, innumerable activities from tango classes to oil painting, and lots of fun and sun.

Opportunities for excursions at the ports of call are the same, and individuals choose which of these to pursue.

Traveling as an individual will often cost a bit more than agreeing to be part of a group. This brings us to the first and biggest distinction between the two types.

In escorted vs non escorted for singles cruises the latter provides each passenger with the freedom to set their own schedule. The non-escorted passenger will need to seek out information on their own for activities, excursions, events, etc.

All the choices regarding filling your days (and nights) with fun will rest on your shoulders.

Escorted passengers are placed with a group of other singles and are accompanied by a guide. This professional will schedule activities and assist with all the information you may require in finding activities of interest. This is a good option if you are a bit shy or simply want to have a group to share the journey with.

Several cruise lines offer singles only cruises for the meet and greet opportunities.

There are men only, women only and mixed singles cruises available. Escorted vs non escorted for singles type arrangements would work the same way aboard these particular trips. There would be planned activities for your group. The choice to participate is, of course, still up to you.

Regardless of which option you pick, the point of the cruise is to have fun. So grab your favorite tropical attire, some sunscreen and go forth upon the sea!

Safety for Single Women Travel – Circling the Wagons

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Safety for Single Women – Circling the Wagons
In this day and age, we women can’t be too careful when it comes to safety. For single women traveling, this can be an even greater concern. We all love to get out and do things, go to parties, dine in our favorite restaurants, enjoy the theatre, any number of things. And there is no reason that we shouldn’t. Many of us love to travel, be it a business trip or vacation whether by plane, train, automobile, or boat.
Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding safety for single women planning a vacation or cruise.
You have heard that there is safety in numbers. Well, it’s true. Get together with all of your friends and see if anyone else is interested in taking a cruise for your next vacation or check our our single travel packages, excursions and tour packages or call our singles travel agents to assist you in booking a fun and memorable vacation. Fill out  our quick singles travel quote form by clicking here, it is fast, free and easy.
Not only is it an experience that all of you can share and talk about for years to come, it also gives you the added security of knowing that your trip will be safer because many of you together provides more eyes and ears to guard against any potential dangers that threaten safety for single women.
Many groups are available that plan regular cruises to all sorts of destinations. These groups, or clubs, cater to the specific needs of persons from all walks of life and can match you up with similar individuals to enhance your cruise experience. You may want to seek out a group of singles or a group of women that is conscious of the need for safety for single women and join in an upcoming adventure.
Another single travel option is to check out local colleges and universities for specific groups that may be interested in planning an outing. Many student organizations and even alumni and staff organizations may be pleased at the idea of taking a cruise or vacation. You are conscientious of safety for single women and there are surely others out there who are as well. Pitch the idea of a group activity that may be used for education and even a fund raising experience for students and see what pops up. Who knows, the opportunity may even arise to get your whole trip paid for if you chip in on the fundraising.